Toyota Sales Collateral

Toyota Material Handling, USA

Reaching New Heights

We were tasked with rebranding Toyota’s forklift division, including revamping their sales collateral, product support and even brand guidelines. No easy task, considering the many models in the Toyota line-up. We chose a clean, functional design and confident tone that better aligned with their premium position as the Number One material handling brand in North America. We also focused on Toyota’s heritage, reputation and manufacturing philosophy, as well as its employees who helped them achieve and maintain their leadership position.

In-use photography also helped tell the story.

The full line brochure featured Toyota forklifts’ greatest asset – the people who design, build and support its machines.

Justifying the premium prices of their forklifts was an important element in the full line brochure.

What better way to convey “made in the U.S.A.”?

Again, featuring the Toyota dealer and service network was also an important consideration.

Each Class brochure also included mention of the industry’s best warranties and dealer support.

Leveraging the equity and heritage of the Toyota name was an important differentiator. 

Full Class overviews served as a reminder of their breadth of line.

As an added aid for choosing the right machine for the task, the full line was also categorized by specific usage and customer environments. 

An at-a-glance spread featured every model in the lineup, arranged by class.

Individual product brochures highlighted the main benefits through a clean, concise design.

Individual Class brochures delivered a visual consistency to Toyota’s full forklift family while also segmenting its product lines.

Highlighting load capacities helped customers identify the right machines for their needs.

Interior brochure spreads continued the clean, bold look.