Unleashing A Monster

Snap-on Tools

Snap-on Tools 18v MonsterLithium Launch

Snap-on wanted to generate excitement for a new line of MonsterLithium Power Tools blending nostalgia for a popular counter-culture movement with new-age technology. We delivered. Working with noted artist “Dirty Donny” — whose classic Rat Fink-inspired style transcends age groups — we created launch materials featuring illustrations that captured the ferocious power of the MonsterLithium line-up. The resurgence of this style in the automotive aftermarket helped the materials resonate with technicians and franchisees alike. The illustrations brought life to the launch materials and captivated audiences through meet-and-greets, car wraps, lift gates and more. So much, in fact, that people weren’t just buying the tools. They were tattooing the campaign art onto their bodies.

– MonsterLithium cordless purchases hit 115% of sales goal

– Increased demand for related sockets, blades, discs

– Artwork featured on custom NHRA car wrap seen by millions on ESPN2

Unique monsters were created to showcase multiple power tools and multiple benefits within the MonsterLithium battery family.

Stickers were a huge hit with technicians, winding up on roll cabs and workspaces all around North America.

Each sticker also provided quick info and specs on the flip side, which they could read before slapping it on their item of choice.

Leave-behind cards provided key info that they could hang onto.

The monsters also graced vertical trade pubs. And by “graced”, we mean dominated.

Check out the detail.

The coolest collectible stickers since Garbage Pail Kids.

Inspiring tattoos and roll cab wraps are always good signs that you’re onto something…

The artist, Dirty Donny, was also a monster hit at Snap-on’s biggest annual trade show.

What better way to feature a family of monstrous tools than with a family of monsters?

Posters (shown front and back) were as coveted as the tools themselves.

Hells yeah…

A car scheme for the Snap-on NHRA funny car team – the perfect extension of a campaign rooted in cars and speed.

The legendary Cruz Pedregon and his Snap-on team were also outfitted in monster wear.