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Grady-White Boats SeaV2 Videos

Sometimes it’s what you don’t see that counts. Like the SeaV2 hull on a Grady-White boat. Their crown jewel, it’s a shining example of purposeful below-the-waterline engineering you might not notice — until you experience the safe, smooth, comfortable performance it delivers. To communicate the full SeaV2 story, we told it from two perspectives — the Grady-White employees who created the hull and the Grady-White owners who experienced it. Harnessing the passion of both groups resulted in a powerful, compelling sales message with real impact. Talk about making waves.

– “Best Grady-White marketing piece ever made.” – Top dealer

– Video leveraged for boat show messaging and used by all Grady-White dealers

Boating is a market segment defined as much by brand loyalty as product performance. To differentiate Grady-White from the competition, we illustrated the superiority of the SeaV2 hull from the bottom up, combining footage of life on the open water with the painstaking detail that goes into creating every Grady-White.

All the good looks in the world don’t matter one bit to a boater if the ride isn’t up to snuff. We conducted a series of interviews up and down the Eastern Seaboard, gathering true stories and authentic emotions from brand enthusiasts to give prospective buyers a glimpse into what they could expect from the purchase of a Grady-White.