The Winning Edge

Snap-on Diagnostics

SOLUS Edge Launch

As its name implies, SOLUS Edge is a true cutting-edge diagnostic platform. One that equips mid-level technicians with the most advanced, sophisticated, high-level diagnostic solutions on the market. SOLUS Edge is a leading example of the technology. The challenge? Giving franchisees the confidence to make a technical sale in a short amount of time by demonstrating expertise with the technology and making the customer feel comfortable using it. With that in mind, we created marketing pieces that helped facilitate a technical sales process while — critically — also connecting on a personal, human level.

Marketing kit materials were housed in a box that carried the campaign graphics and messaging. This allowed franchisees to not only use it as a container, but also as a POS piece on the truck, where space is extremely limited.

Brochures were designed to target technicians who were ready to take the next step in their careers. Whether that meant getting a diagnostic tool for the first time, or upgrading to a more comprehensive tool, the SOLUS Edge gave them the edge to be their best.

Interior brochure pages highlighted various techs who were at different stages of their careers, ultimately giving the campaign credibility through their testimonials. Each vouched for a different aspect of the tool that helped them get a leg up.

Print ads followed that same formula, running in trade publications that would hit the target market.